Otter was a wide variety of supplimental technologies for your next Otter kettle.


Ferro Thick Film Heating Elements offer an instant heating, instant cooling energy efficient solution.

Thanks to their low thermal mass, thick film heating elements offer increased performance and energy efficiency compared to conventional heating elements.

On average a Ferro Thick Film Heating element when used in a kettle is 10% more energy efficient compared to a mechanical heating element. Their low weight also makes the kettle easier for the end user to handle.

Ferro Thick Film Heating elements can be supplied as a fully assembled and tested package with our A1 / CS7 series control fitted.


Opti-Comms provides highly reliable 360° optical communication between the upper vessel and the cordless base.

The Opti-Comms system enables an appliances user interface to be positioned on the cordless base, providing further flexibility in design.

Opti-comms provides reliable transmission of single or multiple sensor signals (temperature, water level etc) through the 360° connector, regardless of docking orientation, via an infra-red optical link.

Opticomms is available with our standard A11 kettle control or our CP84 dishwasher proof connector, enabling new and innovative appliances.


Our patented system for easier assembly and production of plastic bodied kettles with underfloor elements

Otters Easifix Sealing system has successfully solved many of the industrial design and assembly issues presented by the latest 360° appliances - and has established itself as an integral part of Otter’s policy of offering reliable and top quality system solutions.

Easifix has been incorporated into many millions of electric jugs and kettles that have sold worldwide.

Part of its success has been its ease of design and tooling, its ease of assembly and disassembly, and its relative low cost compared with many other systems.


Add a second temperature to your kettle with a Bi-temperature controller

Perfect for Coffee, Perfect for Tea, Bi-temp is a mechanical twin temperature control combined with thick film element technology.

Intuitive up/down operation of the on/off switch, switches the kettle off at either 85°C or boil. The option of a lower temperature supports more energy efficient usage and is desirable for certain drinks such as coffee and instant soups.

Bi-Temp works in combination with Thick Film Heating Technology offering further energy saving.


Offer a wide temperature range with Otter Variable Temperature technology

Vari-temp offers the user an adjustable temperature control, which switches off at boil or the users selected temperature.

Vari-temp offers versatility by fulfilling a range of household hot water demands such as instant soups, green teas and even filling hot water bottles.

Ideal for saving energy by only heating water up to the desired temperature.


Make your product look as advanced on the outside as it is on the inside.

Developed for high end glass bodied kettles; Edge Glow adds LED edge lighting between the glass body and the base of a kettle. An aesthetic often seen in high end architectural and futurist design; it also improves user experience by illuminating engraved water levels on the kettle body.

The illumination effect within the glass body can be transmitted at the top edge of the body or spout lid, through graphics on the side of the body or into the body of the water.